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Short Story About Rajkot Cancer Society

Founded on Vijayadashami in 1969, the sapling of Rajkot Cancer Society took root through the collaborative efforts of dedicated medical professionals, elite social workers, and generous donors. Over the years, this seedling has grown into a robust Comprehensive Cancer Center, addressing the needs of cancer patients in Saurashtra and Kutch. The transformative journey from a diagnostic center to a fully-fledged cancer facility has been witnessed by visionaries such as founder Chairman Shri Pranlalbhai Joshi, Dr. Pravinbhai Doshi, Dr. Trilokbhai Shah, Dr. Amulakh Silhar, Shri Umakant Pandit, Shri Kishore P. Ghiya, Dr. R. L. Shah, Shri Shivlalbhai Worah, and Smt. Hiraben K. Sheth.

These pioneers envisioned a healthcare landscape where middle and lower-income cancer patients could access quality treatment at reasonable costs. Their clear vision and commitment led to the establishment of a Cancer Hospital with the mission to provide affordable and subsidized treatment to those in need. Through the collaborative efforts of the founders, donors, and medical professionals, the society continues to uphold its mission of serving the community and providing hope to those affected by cancer.

Why Patients Choose Our Hospital ?

  • Compassionate Care
  • Advanced Treatments
  • Holistic Healing Practices
  • Patient-Centric Care
  • Aspiration for a Preventable Future
  • Beacon of Hope
  • Overall Well-being
  • Community Support
  • Positive Impact

Hospital’s Milestones
  • 1969
  • 1975
  • 1979
  • 1980
  • 2001
Rajkot Cancer Hospital is a Comprehensive Cancer Centre providing a range of services, including medical oncology, diagnostic radiology, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, hormonal therapy, bone marrow aspiration, biopsy procedures, ascetic fluid tapping, CSF aspiration, palliative treatment, and intrathecal chemotherapy.
The hospital offers various screening services, such as digital mammography and sonography for breast screening, low-dose CT scans for lung screening, and abdominal and trans-rectal ultrasounds for prostate screening. Gynec screening includes trans-abdominal and trans-vaginal ultrasounds.
Diagnostic procedures include digital X-rays for different body parts, barium studies for gastrointestinal evaluation, CT scans for detailed imaging, and MRI scans for comprehensive assessments. The hospital also conducts ultrasound-guided biopsies and aspirations, as well as CT-guided biopsies.
Founded in 1969, Rajkot Cancer Society has grown into a Comprehensive Cancer Center, offering affordable and subsidized cancer treatment. The society is committed to ensuring that no patient is turned away without reasonable treatment, providing hope to those affected by cancer.