Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology
What is Medical Oncology?

Medical oncology is a cornerstone of cancer care, utilising systemic treatments delivered via inject-able or oral medications. These treatments may be administered independently or in conjunction with other therapeutic methods, like surgery or radiation. The primary objective is to craft personalised and comprehensive treatment plans, optimising outcomes for patients. By precisely targeting cancer cells throughout the body, medical oncology plays a crucial role in managing and controlling the disease. The approach is tailored to the specific type and stage of cancer, ensuring a nuanced and effective strategy for each individual.

In essence, medical oncology embodies a multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment, offering patients a comprehensive arsenal of therapies that extend beyond a singular modality. This integration allows for a more nuanced and tailored response to the complex nature of cancer, emphasizing both efficacy and patient-centric care.</p>

medical oncology Therapies
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Chemotherapy and immunotherapy represent dynamic frontiers in cancer treatment.

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Targeted and hormonal therapies revolutionize cancer treatment strategies.

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Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy play crucial roles in diagnosing hematologic conditions.

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these are essential medical procedures used for diagnostic purposes and therapeutic interventions in cancer.

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It focuses on providing relief from the symptoms and stress of cancer, aiming to improve the quality of life for both the patient and their family.

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It involves delivering anticancer drugs directly into the spinal canal or cerebrospinal fluid to treat or prevent cancer affecting the central nervous system.

Types Of Cancer Treated By Medical Oncology

Medical oncology is a specialised field that deals with the treatment of cancer using systemic therapies such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and hormonal therapy. The types of cancer treated by medical oncology are vast and encompass various organs and tissues in the body.

Diversities of Cancer
  • Head and Neck Cancer
  • Breast Cancer
  • Lung Cancer
  • Sarcoma & Skin Cancer (Melanoma)
  • Lymphoma & Myeloma Cancer
  • Acute & Chronic Leukamia
Diversities of Cancer
  • Stomach Cancer
  • Small Intestine Cancer
  • Liver Cancer
  • Gallbladder Cancer
  • Anal Canal Cancer
  • Pancreas Cancer
Diversities of Cancer
  • Kidney Cancer
  • Urinary Bladder Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Ovary & Uterus Cancer
  • Cervix Cancer
  • Germ Cell Tumor
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  • Surgical Oncology
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Medical Oncology
  • Radio-Oncology
  • Patho-Oncology
Surgical Oncology

Surgical oncology Cutting-edge care for cancer patients through precise tumor removal and treatment, led by skilled surgical oncologists.

  • State of the art, fully equipped operation theatres
  • Dedicated 14 bedded ICU & 7 bedded HDU
  • All types of cancer surgeries including organ preservation and microvascular reconstruction

Radiation Oncology

Radiation oncology utilizes targeted radiation beams to treat cancer by destroying malignant cells while preserving surrounding healthy tissue, offering an essential modality in cancer therapy

  • Dual & single energy linear accelerator
  • Rapid arc
  • Brachy therapy
  • Respiratory motion management
  • Dedicated planning 4d CT scan
  • Electron Treatment

Medical Oncology

Harnessing drugs and therapies to combat cancer’s progression and improve patients’ lives.

  • Dedicated day care chemotherapy center
  • Administration of all types of chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, hormonal therapy
  • Dedicated 5 bedded medical ICU with advanced critical care support

Radio Oncology

Pioneering imaging for precise cancer diagnosis, treatment guidance, and therapy monitoring.

  • Digital X-ray
  • Portable X-ray
  • Digital Mammography
  • Dedicated diagnostic CT scan
  • MRI
  • CT, MRI guided diagnostic procedure and therapeutic intervention
  • USG with colour Doppler & elastography


Onco-pathology is a specialized branch of pathology that involves the examination of tissue samples, biopsies, and cells to diagnose and understand the molecular characteristics of cancer, aiding in treatment decisions and patient care.

  • Frozen section
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
  • Histopathology
  • Cytopathology / FNAC

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Why Choose The Rajkot Cancer Society?

Opting for Rajkot Cancer Society (RCS) for Medical Oncology means choosing compassionate and advanced cancer care. RCS is committed to delivering personalized and comprehensive treatment for individuals dealing with cancer. With skilled oncologists, a multidisciplinary approach, and cutting-edge facilities, RCS is a dependable option for those in search of top-notch medical oncology services.

he society's focus on holistic well-being, ongoing innovation, and patient-centric care positions it as a trusted destination for those seeking effective and empathetic medical oncology solutions.


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