Institutional Fellowship Programs

Rajkot Cancer Society’s Institutional Fellowship Programs offer specialized training for healthcare professionals in various oncology fields. These programs provide hands-on experience, exposure to advanced technologies, and mentorship, fostering a comprehensive understanding of cancer care. Covering medical, surgical, and radiation oncology, these programs contribute to fellows’ professional development, shaping future leaders in cancer care through education and skill development.


The Department of Pathology at Rajkot Cancer Society trains outstanding candidates for academic & private practice in pathology and offer non-accredited fellowship in Oncopathology.

The Pathology Department selects trainees based on their preparedness, ability, aptitude, academic credentials, and communication and interpersonal skills. Pathology fellows play a central role in the Department’s goal to provide quality service to patients. Pathology trainees take on graduated responsibility, functioning as liaisons between the clinical teams and the pathology laboratory.

We offer a one-year fellowship in oncopathology that provides advanced, focused, and intensive training in diagnostic oncopathology.

  • High volume Oncology centre
  • Specific rotations include: Histopathology (including grossing, junior attending in reporting using CAP protocols & frozen section), cytopathology, hematopathology  and research.
  • Fellow will be trained in various grossing techniques in Surgical Oncopathology
  • Fellow will assist the staff Pathologist’s in consultative interpretation of all surgical pathology and cytopathology material accessioned in the lab
  • The Fellowship program will involve training in frozen section basics and reporting.
  • The immunohistochemistry repertoire includes more than 100 diagnostic antibodies 
  • The fellow will be expected to participate in journal club presentations under guidance of the mentor. Research and publication of research papers would be highly encouraged.
  • Fellows will be encouraged to communicate and discuss the clinical nuances of the referral cases with the referring clinicians
  • Fellows participate in departmental and interdepartmental conferences, as well as technician teaching.

Applicants should have completed MD pathology.

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Course Specialty:


How to apply:

Applications are accepted throughout the year, with a deadline of November 1, for a position to start January 1 of the following year. Interested parties should submit a letter of intent and curriculum vitae for initial consideration. Those selected for an interview will be required to complete a formal application, submit transcripts and letter of recommendation. Those who are selected for the position is required to complete 1 month observation period starting from December 1. 

DNB radiation oncology – upcoming

DNB (Diplomate of National Board) in Radiation Oncology is an upcoming program at Rajkot Cancer Society. This specialized course offers comprehensive training in the field of radiation oncology, providing aspiring professionals with the knowledge and skills required for effective cancer treatment. The program covers advanced techniques, patient care, and the latest innovations in radiation therapy. With a commitment to fostering excellence in oncology education, the upcoming DNB Radiation Oncology program at RCS aims to contribute to the development of skilled and knowledgeable radiation oncologists who can make significant contributions to cancer care.